Vermon Group,  40th Years of expertise in Ultrasound Technology !

Vermon Group, 40th Years of expertise in Ultrasound Technology !

Posted by VERMON NDT on Jan 18th 2024

Vermon Group, home to VERMON NDT, celebrates a significant milestone as it marks its 40th anniversary this year! 

As we welcome 2024, we reflect on four decades of leadership and innovation in Ultrasound Technology!


Let's focus on the elements contributing to Vermon's success and what its anniversary means to us :

➡️ 40 Years of Partnerships

The heart of our success lies in the strong relationships we've nurtured with our clients. Our 40-year history is rich with shared experiences contributing to our progress in the ever-evolving world of ultrasound technology.

➡️ 40 Years of Know-how

Our 380 experts stand testament to our dedication to excellence. These skilled professionals embody the Vermon Group’s spirit, advancing our mission to deliver premium ultrasound technologies.

➡️ 40 Years of Industrial Processes

Over the past 40 years, Vermon Group has honed its industrial organization, now operating two ISO 13485-certified and FDA registered production sites in the US and France. We produce almost 180,000 transducers annually. This scale reflects not just our capabilities, but our ambition to serve a growing global need.

➡️ 40 Years of Unceasing Innovation

In its 40-year history, Vermon has consistently invested in innovation and development. Our numerous projects have driven enhanced performance in transducers, directly enriching client products. From Piezocomposite to Single Crystal or CMUT technologies, Vermon persistently pursues novel solutions to advance ultrasound science.

As we celebrate this 40-year mark, our commitment to progress remains firm. 

We look to the future with a resolve to continue adapting, innovating, and serving our clients and partners.

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