Ensure Safety and Reliability with PAUT Probes for NDT in Transportation

The transportation industry relies heavily on the safety and reliability of its components to ensure the safety of its users.
Phased array ultrasonic testing is a powerful and reliable tool that is widely used in the transportation industry to inspect trains, railway tracks, boats, and other maritime vessels.

A great asset for the maritime industry

PAUT is a key tool for inspecting maritime vessels, which can help detect irregularities in the hulls, welds, rivets, and propellers.

It can identify evidence of wear and tear, as well as signs of corrosion, allowing for the assessment of the reliability and safety of ships and boats.

An invaluable tool for the train and railway industry

PAUT probes can greatly benefit the railway sector by inspecting tracks, railings, welds, rivets, and other parts to identify flaws before they become a hazard, providing a great advantage in protecting passengers.

PAUT is also useful for examining rolling stock, such as carriages, wagons, and locomotives, to detect any corrosion or other harm that might interfere with travel.

An invaluable tool for the train and railway industry

PAUT provides precise and accurate results

This innovative technology is able to find fissures, deterioration, and other drawbacks that may be overlooked by regular visual surveys, aiding to prolong the durability of components and lessen expensive repairs.

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PAUT provides precise and accurate results