PAUT Probes Powered By Piezcomposite Technology

Piezocomposite is a cutting-edge technology that has revolutionized the ultrasound industry by providing higher sensitivity, greater bandwidth, and better resolution compared to traditional piezoelectric materials. At the heart of our PAUT probes is a piezocomposite material that consists of thousands of tiny piezoelectric crystals that are aligned in a specific pattern.

When an electrical voltage is applied to the material, these crystals vibrate and generate ultrasound waves that are transmitted into the test material. By measuring the reflected waves, we can determine the presence, size, and location of defects in the material. 

This means our PAUT probes can detect smaller defects and provide more accurate results. “Our piezocomposite technology allows us to manufacture probes with different sizes and shapes to fit a variety of applications and test materials. >> We can also customize the frequency range and sensitivity of our probes to meet specific testing needs.” Contact us today to learn more about our technology and how we can help you with your testing requirements.