PAUT Probes Now Just a Click Away with Vermon NDT's New Online Store.

PAUT Probes Now Just a Click Away with Vermon NDT's New Online Store.

Posted by Vermon NDT on May 1st 2023

Walhalla, SC- USA - Vermon NDT, a leading manufacturer of Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) probes, has announced the launch of their new online store It will offer worldwide customers faster and easier access to a wide range of high-quality PAUT probes.

This launch will facilitate the online shopping experience for worldwide customers looking for PAUT probes including standard linear arrays, immersion and dual matrix arrays with almost 2 000 configurations available with 1 to 10 days shipping worldwide.

PAUT probes use multiple ultrasonic beams to inspect a material or structure at different angles, enabling better detection of flaws, improved accuracy, and faster inspection times. By adjusting the timing and amplitude of the ultrasonic waves emitted by each element in the array, inspectors can control the direction, focal depth, and intensity of the ultrasonic beams.

PAUT probes are used in a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, power generation, and oil and gas, to inspect critical components such as pipes, welds, turbines, and engines.

Vermon NDT is proud to continue its journey of excellence with this all-new online store.

Vermon NDT provides fast shipping, from 1 to 10 days, and a wide range of standard PAUT probes that are compatible with all instruments and systems connectors. In addition to probes, customers can also find the wedges to match their application.

Vermon NDT Product Portfolio

Best in class probes are designed and manufactured all in-house in the USA and benefit from the 40 years of expertise that the Vermon Group has in the field of ultrasonic transducer and probes technologies.

"Our new e-commerce website is designed to provide our customers with immediate access to our state-of-the-art PAUT probes.” said Matt Skinner, Vermon NDT Sales Manager – North America. “We understand the importance of timely availability of innovative, reliable and cost-effective products for our customers to grow their businesses.”

To offer a seamless experience, the Vermon NDT's online shop integrates a "build your probe" tool.

This feature allows customers to select a PAUT probe according to their specific needs. By selecting the desired parameters such as the central frequency, number of elements, cable length, cable type, and connector type: customers can create a probe that is tailored to their application.

With Vermon NDT's PAUT probes, NDT inspectors can upgrade their application, inspection speed, and capability for complex shape and large surface inspections.

Vermon NDT also offers custom PAUT probes manufactured according to customers' unique specifications. These customized probes can have a central frequency from 0.5MHz up to 20MHz and can be delivered with your desired cable length and connector configuration.

The store is available now, and customers can visit the website to view the full range of products and place their orders.

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About Vermon NDT :
VERMON NDT is specialized in developing, manufacturing, and selling ultrasound probes for the Non-Destructive Testing industry in North America, Europe, and the rest of the World. Founded in Walhalla, South Carolina- USA, Vermon NDT is proud to provide products made in USA. The company is part of the Vermon Group, a pioneer in ultrasound technology with over three decades of expertise.

About Vermon Group :
Vermon Group designs and manufactures customized state-of-the-art ultrasound transducers for medical and industrial applications - bringing their expert know-how to the worldwide clients.

For more than three decades, Vermon have been a pioneer in providing startups, large industrial groups and research labs with the most innovative and cutting-edge ultrasound imaging solutions.

With a team of over 380 skilled experts across France and the United States, Vermon continues to bring customized solutions to its clients, regardless of their size because they can easily adapt to each client’s needs.

Vermon Group is composed by Vermon - France, TransducerWorks - USA and Vermon NDT - USA

Sales Contact :
Matt Skinner:
NDT Sales Manager - North America

Press and Communication Contact :
Alexia Aubergeon :
Marketing and communication Manager