Phased Array (PAUT) Probes for NDT Weld Inspections

Is an operation used to evaluate the quality, strength, and safety of welds. PAUT probes can be used to identify issues such as lack of fusion, fissures, porosity, and inclusions.

Weld Inspection

Inspect hard-to-reach areas

PAUT probe has the ability to perform Time of flight diffraction (TOFD) examination, that can be used to detect and locate surface breaking and sub-surface defects. This is particularly useful when inspecting large and complex welds, where traditional ultrasonic testing methods may not be practical.

Save time for your NDT inspection

The probe can be configured to inspect multiple regions of the weld at the same time, and data from each region can be analyzed independently. This can greatly reduce the time and cost associated with traditional ultrasonic testing methods

Save Time for your NDT inspection

Inspect welds from multiple angles

A PAUT probe use multiple ultrasonic elements, which allows for a more detailed examination of the weld, and makes it possible to detect defects that might be missed by a single-element probe.

Inspect welds from multiple angles

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