Wedge, Type 27, Dual, 60 degree longitudinal wave, 3 degree roof angle

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Wedge, Dual, Type 27 with Irrigation, Wear Pins and Scanner Mount Holes

Use this wedge for inspection of Stainless Steel and Dis similar metal welds.

Manufactured by EKOSCAN

Creates 60 degree longitudinal waves in carbon steel

Sweep Range = 40 to 70 degrees

Incident Angle = 20 degrees

Made from Rexolite polystyrene, sound velocity = 2340 m/s

Mates with Type 27 probes

Adjustable Wear Pins

Scanner Mount Holes (8 mm diameter)


Length = 34.7 mm (1.37")

Width = 50 mm (1.97")

Height = 18.5 mm (.728")

Isolation Barrier between Sides

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