Splitter, ZPAC Plug to 2x IPEX Receptacles

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ZPAC Connector

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This splitter connects to instruments with ZPAC connectors (Zetec)

Provides the ability to connect two probes with IPEX connectors to one instrument.

Low-tech reliable construction uses the same connector and connection technology used to build our phased array probes.

Because the instrument side connector is the same as a PAUT probe, it will not cover any other connector ports.


Splitter, ZPAC Plug, 2x IPEX recepacltes -General Purpose
Instrument side connector: ZPAC
Number of conductors 128
Cable Length:

1 meter (3 ft)

Cable Diameter: 7 mm (.28")
Probe Side Connector Type IPEX
Number of probe side connectors 2
Number of elements each 64
NEMA grade Aluminum Box Dimensions TBD




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