PAUT Probe, A3.5L64-PX1, IPEX, 2.5 Meter

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In development - available June 2018
PAUT Probe, A3.5L64-PX1, IPEX, 2.5 Meter

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3.5L64-12 Angle Beam PAUT Probe -Wall Proximity Linear
Housing Type: PX1
Frequency: 3.5 MHz
Number of Elements: 64
Pitch: 1.0 mm
Active Length: 64 mm
Active Width: 7 mm
Matching: Rexolite

Housing Material: Stainless Steel
Housing Dimensions (mm)         66 L x 19 W x 25 H
Housing Dimensions (inch) (2.60"L x .748"W x .984"H)
Housing Ledge Height 8.0 mm (.315")
Housing Width above ledge 12.0 mm (.472")
Fits with wedges PX1
Connector IPEX 
Cable Length 2.5 meter (9 ft)
Cable diameter 6.0 mm (.235")
Test Report Included

Warranty 1 year against mfg defects


Performance Specifications:  
Frequency +/- 10%
Bandwidth (@-6 dB) >60%
Sensitivity variation (avg to max)     < 2 dB
Sensitivity variation (avg to min) < 2 dB

PAUT Probes that fit the North American NDT needs Built with Vermon's proven 1-3 Piezo-composite technology