PAUT Probe, A-5L32-32, IPEX, 5 Meter

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A-5L32-32 with IPEX connector
5L32-32 Angle Beam PAUT Probe -General Purpose Linear
Housing Type: 32
Frequency: 5 MHz
Number of Elements: 32
Pitch: 1.0 mm
Active Length: 32 mm
Active Width: 10 mm
Matching: Rexolite


Housing Material: Stainless Steel
Housing Dimensions (mm)         40 L x 29 W x 25 H
Housing Dimensions (inch) (1.57"L x 1.14"W x .98"H)
Included Captive Screws 4x M3 x 14mm, 2mm  Socket
Dimension between screws ask
Fits with wedges Type 32
Connector IPEX 
Cable Length 5 meter (18 ft)
Cable diameter 4.7 mm (.185")
Test Report Included
Warranty 1 year against mfg defects


Performance Specifications:  
Frequency +/- 10%
Bandwidth (@-6 dB) >60%
Sensitivity variation (avg to max)     < 2 dB
Sensitivity variation (avg to min) < 2 dB
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